The Empire of Thetia

Aftermath of the Blight

Aftermath of the Blight

With their leaders captured, the undead simply roamed the hollowed halls of the Nyth’adoah’s temple aimlessly with no goal in mind except to feed. For 4 days the heroes sought refuge all the while searching for survivors of the militia left behind. They found a dwarven lord by the name of Burglecut Who held the line with a few of the dwarven elite guard called the Ironbacks. As the heroes pressed on in search of the tomb of Nyth’Adoah and to aid their friend Skye who had been sent on a mission sensitive to the druids. For 3 days they searched going in an out of tunnels burrowed by the purple worm constantly pursued by the dead. Even though they had no leader their sheer numbers in these close quarters made them a constant threat. They met up with a hobgoblin and his pet dire tiger and a few of his kin. Whom despite their differences decided to join you in the hopes of surviving. With little to no rest the party pressed on until they found the central chamber where Skye, Adoven and a few of his ranger elites where holding up guarding the precious body of Nyth’adoah. On an alter nearby was the Eye of Nyth’Adhoah. Believed to be the ancient wyrm’s petrified eye and a select few who were deemed worthy could commune with the great wyrm for spiritual guidance.

Wave after wave hit the defensive line. It was never clear what the undead were after. Were they after the artifact? or merely driven by the insatiable desire to feed on the living. Who cared really, they were not stopping. Men were falling left and right. Even the brave Hobgobline and his dire tiger fell in battle defending this place. Exhausted with no way to flee the heroes stood their ground and when all seemed lost. In the distance, behind the undead mass, a shimmering light blazed in the distance, and then another to the left and another and another. Doorways opening and out poured the knights of the white army. Each knight able to fell the foul creatures 10 to 1. Charging in the center of the horde was alittle halfling whom positioned himself in the center of the horde only to unleash a blinding light that purified the undead reducing them to ashes. When the glow subsided and the ashes of the dead settled. The halfling introduced himself as Sir Kip a slayer in the white army. He was a welcome sight. He led you out of the temple destroying every undead creature he could find with ease. Finally after four days of darkness you step into the light. The ground trembled as gigantic metal machines marched on the land side by side with white knights destroying anything undead. The white army posted these hideous green standards into the ground that drew the weaker undead to them like a moth to a flame, and in teams of four the knights to each standard they slaughtered the undead with ease.

You are then greeted by Kristanna. “Good to see you my friends, I apologize for our tardiness we had trouble back at the island.” Saerinde greets You and Kristanna. “Well done, I honestly didnt think you would survive let alone retrieve the other half of the conclave in the process. Not bad for none elves. You will be wanting to know the fate of Drake I’m sure. We have imprisoned him and his subordinates in a crystal. He sleeps and hopefully for the rest of eternity. We will be keeping him in our vault this time. So there is no chance of some buffoon stumbling upon his resting place and opening his cage.” As he stairs intently at all of you with an exceeding amount of contempt.
Kristanna says " Well it will be some time until this land is completely cleansed but we will take it from here. You should concentrate on tending survivors of this tragedy and begin to heal the land and its people" She then walks off into the dead forest with her company at her side. She draws her sword and points to the east “Purge the unclean” she shouts as the rest follower her in silent obedience.

The Grove is secured and bodies of the fallen defenders. Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves and Elves all buried side by side ironically the only time such races get along. When they are joined in death.

Bloodied and tired you decide to make camp at the grove and get some much needed rest. After that you are summoned to Thetia by the Emperor himself as he wishes to speak to the heroes of the blight, the Vanquishers of the Vishad. You make the long journey to Thetia. Gazing at the devastation on the way. Kor Haven is still deserted. The town still stands but the fort was demolished. You then travel past Kaaliveth. The bastion of the Legion, brought to ruin by the blight. blood stains the walls and broken weapons still lay on the ground. A haunting reminder of the cost of war and the harsh reality that even the strongest can fall. Barely a stone was left standing in Kaaliveth as the once center of Legion dominance was now nothing but a smoldering ruin crushed under the numberless might of the undead army known as the Vishad.

You finally arrived in Thetia. Where once there were mighty iron gates that secured this capital now reduced to a handful of guards standing over crates and rubble in a makeshift barricade. Word has traveled fast about your deeds. The survivors broken and bruised still manage to lift their heads in reverence to you as they begin to cheer your arrival. You are greeted by a familiar face. Delyla Stonehaven Captain of the Praetorian guard. She greets each of you with a firm hand shake and thanks you for saving The people. She then escorts you to the castle keep in the center of the city. The Emperor has yet to arrive and he is planning a feast in your honor. One that the entire city will share in. As you walk the Streets of Thetia you see many of the defenses in ruin burned down homes and businesses. People standing over these homes searching what remains for valuables and heirlooms left behind in the panic of the blight attack.

After a week in the city aiding those in need and helping keep bandits in check. The Emporer arrives and is given a heroes welcome if only because people were paid in advance. He left his people to rot in this city as he fled just before the blight attack. Leaving people no ships to flee on and taking a large portion of the guard with him. Leaving only a few soldiers and Praetorian including Delyla who disobeyed orders to leave and stayed to protect the people. She was instrumental in the defense of the city. The feast was quite large and even though he boasted that all were invited to celebrate most of the people were given only bread and cheap wine and kept outside the castle keep where the rich dinned a more exquisite feast.

The town square a cerimony was held and the Emperor presented you with a solid gold medalian with your name on it. And a large some of gold to each of you for your services to the realm. Money enough to purchase any land you wanted anywhere in the realm you wanted.

After a week of celebration in your honor. You all think about your futures and find its time to part ways and return home to you respective homes to be with your families, to pay old debts, and to start your lives anew.


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