The Empire of Thetia

Twin Disaster

Twin Disaster

The following a prelude of events leading up to the next game session which will hopfully resume on Sunday July 28, 2013

After High Priest Belbidus Yaerlus and Cardinal Malek Sarcronus were arrested for suspicion of heresy. They were sent to Thetia with armed escort for an inquisition. On the way the carriage was amushed and everyone was killed including Belbidus. Malek is presumed at large. The only evidence found was a strange pile of barbed chains in a pool of black sludge with a foul oder eminating from it. Horse tracks lead away from the scene reached a dead end just a couple miles north heading away from both Kaaliveth and Thetia. It would seem they decided to take their chances with the blight. All available manpower has been ordered back to Kaaliveth to prepare for what is to come.

During this week, Jim Swim found that his gem started to glow summoning him to see Xil’Lathane . Knowing that the quirky wizard will only want to see him he journied to Kor Haven to hopefully take the portal. As a parting gift to his dear friend Duncyn. He gave him his bag of holding and all of its contents. He knows that Duncyn will take good care of it.

Shackleton and Ken Kiel have come at odds with one another. Shackleton believes the group has lost faith in him and that perhaps its time to cut ties. He vows to hunt down Sha’Lyndra with his last breath and make her pay for her leading his friends to believe he was a possible traitor. He also strives to prove that he is not a traitor by captureing Sha’Lyndra alive.

A week has passed since Malek escaped. Travel between Hazenbrook and Kaaliveth has been cut off completely. The detachment of Pelor’s finest paladins in the praetorian guard were dispatched to Blackmaor Fortress a week ago and have not been heard from since. General Thaddius is worried about this turn of events and fears the worse for his men. Reports from patrols on the outskirts of the blight have reported sightings of the creatures only at night. Sometimes abducting or attacking 1 or 2 soldiers at a time. These victims are later found wandering the woods attacking anyone within reach. Some soldiers report of strange red skeletons spreading the plague. The Church of Pelor has been hard pressed to cure these soldiers while trying to figure out the best way to combat the plague. Victims who die from the plague later raise as fowl undead themselves.

Two currior ravens arrived in to Kaaliveth. The first was from Gavenport saying the undead have breached the town defenses and are laying siege to the people. They request immdiate assistance. The second is from Hazenbrook, The dead march on Hazenbrook. A organized and fully armed battalion of undead soldiers are camped outside the town. General Thaddius is unsure what to do with this news. There are far more people in Hazenbrook than Gavenport. With soldiers comeing in wounded everyday he cannot commit an army to the field and defeat them, but he cant just leave those poor people to fend for themselves, nor can he allow those people to bolster the ranks of the dead.

He needs a small group of brave souls to sneak past the blight army and help evacuate one of the towns. The only question is…which one?


Bane_Of_Humanity Bane_Of_Humanity

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