Race: Half-elf
Class: Bard


Ratty Hands Thieves guild – a rag tag group of thieves and bullies. not yet a bonafide thieves guild, the only similarity to a real thieves guild is the prolific stealing the group is starting to partake in. Originally the Ratty Hands were a group of boys that played and worked together, landing jobs at a tannery. The chemical smells and carcasses were not for the boys though. with the help of duncyn, teaching by candle light, the pre-ratty hands boys learned some singing and instrument playing skills to make money on the street or in a pub or two. soon though, Brolstin “Ratty” Nobleson convinced most of the boys to start pick pocketing at gigs and on the streets the patrons supporting their lives. Duncyn bowed out, taking a few loyal friends with him, true musicians all. Brolstin named the group after himself, using his knowledge of his friends’ misdeeds to hold them in check. After many attempts to convince Duncyn to come back, with his decent musicians (for better crowds) and all attempts failing, Ratty took his anger out on the lute playing fingers of Duncyn’s close friend Matteus. Duncyn hates to be told or made to do something, and when he realized what had been done, a plan hatched almost immediately. You see, Duncyn knew Ratty was a greedy man, new to the Guild game. Ratty had yet to build up enough capital to pay off the city guard. Within a week, Duncyn was playing a show at McGillicutty’s Back Alley Bar at Ratty’s behest. During the mid-show break, when people were shuffling around, as easy pickins as it gets, Duncyn makes a pronouncement about how to be wary of hands that dont belong in your pockets. The now aware crowd caught a few rogues by themselves. The rest were gathered up outside by uniformed guards. Like any true hero story, the main villian, Ratty, hurriedly confronted Duncyn, his anger seething, an unconcealed club now in his hands. Duncyn’s blade unsheaths as he says, “Nobody forces my hand Brolstin, I’m my own man. Think of that and Matteus while you rot in the Under Pits”. And with that, Duncyn met the guildleader’s high swipe, blade against grip. Eight fingers scatter as the club is launched into an unknown corner. Ratty just stares at his thumbed palms as he is beaten then dragged away. Duncyn looks over his shoulder to Matteus, " Im sure there was a ring on a finger over here, please take it. It is only a token, nothing compared to the debt I owe you." Matteus, with doubt in his eyes smiles grimly, “yes, if only it was that easy for the both of us…”


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