Race: Human
Class: Ninja


Shakelton was only 5 when he was found abandoned and unconscious at one of the noir performances the only thing he had on his person was tattered cloths and two katanas with elven writing on them one sword was tilted dusk and the other dawn. he was adopted into the troupe on the spot and was welcomed into the family with open arms. He was always close to the dovain family especially grey who he shared many adventures with and eventually gave his sword dawn as a token of friend ship. For many years shack grey and izabella were the top of the high flyers and also participated in other extracurricular activities A rift developed between shack and grey when grey was engaged to be married to izabella and was promoted to sword of noir at which point shack took leadership of the high flyers.
Two weeks before izabella and grey were to be married izabella was killed. Her body was drained of all blood her eyes and tong removed and she was hung upside down of the side of the side of the yaggdasil. Fingers pointed at everyone especially shakelton. Through grief and fear of retribution shack decided to leave the troupe of his own accord further raising suspicions he has been traveling alone for a year looking for the next adventure or at least something to take his mind off the tragedy.
Habits & Hobbies: being a bad ass, merkin, and just general awesomeness.


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