Race Breakdown

In Thetia the dominant race is human. The population ratio in a human town is as follows

Out of 100 people there would be
10 half elves
2 half orcs
0-1 dragonborn (more often 0)
5 Elves
5 halflings/gnomes
5 dwarves
1-2 Nagaji
2-3 Tieflings
2-3 Aasimars (Perhaps more as the blend in with humans rather well)
The rest would be Human.

In a Dwarven City
Out of 100
0-1 human
0 Half-orcs
0 Elves
10+ gnomes
2-3 Half-ling
0 Half elves
0 Nagaji
0 Dragonborn
0 Aasimars
0 Tieflings
Rest would be Dwarven

In an Elven City Only magic inclined members of other races are allowed to live in an elven city
Out of 100
5 humans
0 Half-Orcs
5 Half-elves
2-3 Half-ling
0 Dragonborn (they would be considered an enemy)
0-1 Aasimars
0 Nagaji
10 Gnomes
The rest would be full blooded Elven

Race Breakdown

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